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Never in my life have I been more inclined to recommend somebody for professional services. Leticia is absolutely the BEST. Throughout the entire sale process I always felt as though I was Leticia's only client. She was compassionate, responsive, knowledgeable and never made me feel that she didn't have time for me, even when I was asking redundant questions or just needed reassurance. I went into the short sale process very reluctantly and very ignorant of its advantages. Leticia explained everything clearly and honestly, provided me with options I never knew existed and never made me feel like anything less than her top priority. She made one of the most difficult and painful periods of my life manageable and far less stressful. I would STRONGLY recommend anybody with ANY real estate trouble or needs to seek out Leticia above all others. You will not be disappointed.

John Zinn
Chino Hills 10/4/2011


The very first day when we went to your open house in Chino Hills and when we met you and Alberto, I know you guys are the one that will make our dreams come true.  Even though it took a very long 7 months of searching for our dream house, it was worth the wait.

There are no other words that best describe how we feel about you guys, just want to thank you guys for all the hard work and being patience with us.  I will definitely refer all my friends and family member to you guys (no questions ask).  Again, thank you very much and let's keep in touch.

Many Thanks,

James Bond


Bought a Single Family home in Alta Loma, CA.

I could not have had a better agent to help me find a home here in Alta Loma. Leticia was always courteous, professional, and helpful. My circumstance was no doubt trying as I was living in Nor-Cal during the process of trying to find a home in So-Cal, and I really had specific wants. I believe Leticia was helping me over a year and we finally located just what I needed.

Thank you so much Leticia, Daniel Osborn

Bought a Single Family home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

I spoke with more than 8 agents before finally deciding to work with Leticia. I am glad that I made that decision. With her help, expertise and knowledge, me and my wife found our dream house. She did an excellent job in negotiations and making offers on our behalf. She was always punctual, accommodating, professional and courteous while working with us.

I highly recommend Leticia!


Bought a Single Family home in West Covina, CA.

Leticia is very professional and responsive when working with us in looking for our dream house. We have work with Leticia for about a year or more until she found us the dream house. During the first couple of months of searching, both of us (myself and wife) and Leticia were very exhausted because we could not close a deal on serveral homes that we liked. It was a buyers market, people were going after every properties available. My wife was so tired and fustrated, she was about to give up. Leticia did not give up on us and came through in finding us the home, she was very patience in getting the deal closed. The process and the closing went very smooth because of Leticia experience and knowledge in her profession. My family is very happy and the kids finally have a place to call home and a yard to run around and play. Thank you Leticia for all you have done for my family.
I will definitely recommend Leticia if anyone need help in finding their dream house. Looking forward in working with you again in the near future. Let's stay in touch!


Sold a Single Family home in Wildrose, Corona, CA.

Excellent agent, she help us to sell and to buy a property very fast !!!i recomend her for any real estate transacion.

Bought a Single Family home in Hacienda Heights, CA.

Leticia was very helpful. Her attention to the needs and concerns I had when purchasing my home, were dealt with proffesionalism, and concern for my satisfaction and peace of mind.
Sold Condominimum


Leticia took care of selling my Condo and with the purchase of our house. She is very tenacious and works hard for her clients. I am picky when I work with a salesperson. I want that sales person to work for me and Leticia does. Leticia, is as honest as they come and goes the distance for you. If you have a question she cannot answer about the house, she will get an answer for you. Your time is her time and Leticia will make her time your time.



Sold a Single Family home in Riverside, CA.

We have utilized the services of Leticia & Associates several times since 2003 to sell and purchase horse property, including our dream home in 2005.

She has demonstrated an expertise in locating and securing financing for our unique situation and worked aggressively to get our previous home sold at a remarkable price in this economy. Her efforts and commitment have earned her our deepset respect and friendship.


Anthony & Lourdes


Sold a Single Family home in Chino Hills, CA.

I highly recommend Leticia as you agent. She is honest, down to earth and contains her professionalism throughout the process. I am very confident in her work. 5 STARS!!!!


I have known Leticia for several years. She is both knowledgable and responsive. She handles her clients in a personal way, addressing all their needs and concerns. She was very effective in helping me to find the perfect property to suit my needs. I highly recommend her.

Client feedback is so important to understanding the benefit of our efforts that we thought we would share some highlights of what people are saying about us with you! It is the only way to truly assess the relevance and importance of our experience and knowledge.


Client Videos


Client feedback is so important to understanding the benefit of our efforts that we thought we would share some highlights of what people are saying about Leticia & Associates with you! It is the only way to truly assess the relevance and importance of our experience and knowledge.



 George and Natalia think of Leticia and Associates not only as Realtors but also as friends!

Leticia: Hi this George and Natalia, Leticia and Associates newest clients and they are going to share a little bit about their experience.

 George: Hi, this is Natalia, my wife I am George and we moved to this house about 30 days ago. It was a short sale, Leticia was our agents. The house was listed by somebody else, they helped us through this frustrating time because unfortunately the sale took nine months and it was very frustrating for everybody, but they helped us a lot. They teach us to be patient and they tell us, and then you will have your reward. Today we are very happy to listen to them. Also, you know we list our house with a flat fee, they take care of everything and they sold our house right away and we are also very happy about it. They are very friendly, they have a lot of knowledge, they are very responsible. Today we feel like we have a friend for life and we appreciate that, thank you.



Courtney & Ryan share their excitement of buying their first home! 

Alberto: Hey how are you doing? This is Alberto, and.

Leticia: Hi there.

Alberto: And this is Leticia, she didn’t say her name.

Alberto: This is Courtney and Ryan.

Courtney: Hi, and this is our new house.

Alberto: Alright. So, check it out. Boxes, this is for real.

Courtney: Just moving in yesterday.

Alberto: So we just wanted to see if you guys could share a little of your experience with working with Leticia and Associates.

Courtney: Leticia and Associates was awesome. They completely bent over backwards for us. We would have never been able to do this without them. They were so patient with us and our five million questions. And they completely walked us through the process and made us feel comfortable and explained everything to keep us calm and sane and we did it and now we have the amazing house that we wanted and they worked their magic, I don’t know how they did it.

Alberto: Alright, and Ryan anything that you have to say?

Ryan: Thank you very much for a lot of help.

Alberto: And now it is time for the wedding. Alright, thank you guys and congratulations.

Courtney: Alright, thanks.

Leticia: Bye.

Alberto: Alright, we will see you later.


 Frank expresses his thanks for a speedy sale of his home!

Alberto: Hi there how are you doing? It is Alberto and.

Leticia: Leticia. Hi how are you? I would like to introduce you to our newest client who utilized our flat fee listing service to get his home sold and find his new dream home. This is Frank.

Alberto: Hi Frank.

Frank: Hi. (In Spanish)

Alberto: Perfect. So we are going to have Leticia here translate for us what he just said.

Leticia: Well, what he just said is that he wanted to thank Leticia and Associates for selling his home in a really fast manner and for helping him find his dream home.

Alberto: Alright, well we just wanted to say thank you very much Frank and we are very excited for your new home you just purchased.

Frank: Your welcome.

Alberto: Have a good day.

Frank: Thank you very much.

Leticia: Bye.

Alberto: Alright, we will see you later, have a good one.

 Leticia and Associates hand Dave the keys to his new home!

Alberto: Alright, so this is Dave. Say hi Dave.

Dave: Hi.

Alberto: And this is his mother in law, say hi.

Mother in law: Hi.

Alberto: And we just wanted to get some information, not information we just wanted to see if you could share with us how it was working with Leticia and Associates and not to mention today is the day you are actually going to get your keys right now as we are speaking. So here, do you want to hold this?

Leticia: No, I want to be in the video.

Alberto: Oh, ok, you want to be in the video as well.

Leticia: Of course.

Alberto: So Dave just.

Mother in law: (In Spanish)

Alberto: Ok, so let me translate, she said she is the reason why her daughter and him got this house, in Spanish that’s what she said. So Dave, tell us a little bit about you looking for a home previous to working with us. How long were you looking?

Dave: I had been looking for, since August, so about 5-6 months.

Leticia: That is a long time.

Dave: So for a long time, and had started looking in another area and then I tried with Leticia and Alberto and it just made a couple offers with them the first week and then the following week or so I was able to get the house.

Alberto: And today is the day, January 1st so

Leticia: The first? You mean the 12th?

Alberto: Oh excuse me, January the 12th.  And actually we could have closed sooner if it wasn’t, but,

Leticia: It was a 45 day escrow and needless to say we wrote up two offers the very first day we took Dave to look at homes and one of those two was the one that got accepted and here is the key to Dave and Gina’s new home.

Alberto: Where is Dave, oh Dave is on the phone.

Leticia: Dave is on the phone.

Dave: Yes, they are here right now, in the house right now. Alright Thanks Joe.

Alberto: Ok, so you can officially give Dave.

Leticia: So here is officially your home owner keys. (Clapping)

Alberto: Well Dave we just want to say congratulations man and thank you for giving us the opportunity of working with you and right on time, like I said Dave and his wife just had a little baby girl so congratulations for your baby and your new home so thank you very much. Alright we will see you later.Alberto: Alright, so this is Dave. Say hi Dave.


 Sarah thinks Leticia and Associates are amazing! 

Alberto: Hey, how you doing? This is Alberto, there is Leticia right there.

Leticia: Hi there.

Alberto: Just being nosey. We just dropped off they keys to our most recent client. And this is Sarah and her husband is not here yet, he is coming home from work and so we just wanted to just get an idea of what type of service and things like that did you get working with Leticia and Associates.

Sarah: Leticia and Associates are amazing. We had the best service that we could imagine. We thought that buying a home would be really stressful and a horrible experience and we have been nothing but happy. Our escrow was less then 30 days which was amazing. She got all the paperwork in and hurried things along for us and we have just been really happy and now we are homeowners.

Alberto: Perfect, well congratulations.

Sarah: Thanks.

Alberto: Bye

Sarah: That’s my baby.




Agent Reviews


One of the nicest compliments we can receive is from other real estate agents.  These agents trust us to take care of their referrals in the most delicate way.  When working on a real estate transaction we want the process to go as smooth as possible for all parties involved.  This is one of the factors when working with Leticia and Associates. 

We  would like to share some highlights of what other real estate professionals are saying about Leticia & Associates!


It is the only way to truly assess the relevance and importance
of our experience and knowledge.

Realtor Testimonial about Leticia & Associates by
Eileen Riveria of Long Beach

Realtor Testimonial about Leticia & Associates from
Tony Sargent of New York

Realtor Testimonial about Leticia & Associates from
Christophe Choo in Beverly Hills

Realtor Testimonial about Leticia & Associates from
Lisa Doyle in  East Bay

Thanks Leticia, I like working with pros.  Look forward to working with you again.

Lowell Overton
Coldwell Banker Tri-Counties

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